Will 70 proof of alcohol get you drunk?

Answer The word is inebriated.

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What Does Proof Mean When Talking About Alcohol?

Go into a liquor store and you will find various proofs of liquor, depending on the bottle of spirits. Proof is simply a way of explaining how much alcohol is in a beverage. Does th... Read More »

Can I use 190 proof alcohol in my gas tank?

You should not use 190 proof alcohol in a car's gas tank unless you convert your tank from gasoline to an ethanol system. Even at 190 proof, alcohol has a little bit of water in it, When mixed with... Read More »

What are fire proof suits made of?

Kevlar is quite common but there may be other materials used also.

How to filter germ-x (120 proof ethyl/drinking alcohol)?

Ick, there is a better way. Buy a gallon of cider; add 2 teaspoons of dry yeast; let stand for a couple weeks in a warm place with the lid off (cover with a paper towel); strain through a cloth fi... Read More »