How much primer is needed to paint a car?

Answer It is estimated that about one gallon of primer paint will successfully cover a mid-size sedan. More or less may be used if you are driving a coupe or SUV-size Paint Yo... Read More »

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Can you paint latex paint over enamel primer?

A primers is basically used to seal a surface and give the top coat "tooth". A primer should be chosen for the surface it is going on, oil based primers adhere better to surfaces like bare wood, sl... Read More »

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How to Mix Car Paint Primer?

After a car has been stripped of its old paint and all the major body work is done, it's time to prime the car. Primer smooths the body surface of the car, keeps the steel body panels of the car to... Read More »

How to Primer a Car for a Paint Job?

Top coat paint is applied on a car after a sub-layer of paint (called the primer) is applied to the metal or plastic surface. This step provides a clean, smooth surface which helps the car paint ad... Read More »