How much pressure is needed to strip paint?

Answer According to Briggs and Stratton, when stripping paint on a larger surface, the minimum pressure needed is around 2500 PSI. This is best for wood, brick, concrete and brick. Servicemagic suggests t... Read More »

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How much pressure do you need to strip paint?

The necessary amount of pressure will depend on what you are removing paint from, and the type and age of the paint. Experiment with varying amounts of pressure until you find the right match for y... Read More »

What chemical can i put in my pressure washer to help strip paint from furniture?

How to Strip Paint From Your Car?

Don't mess with all that tough and messy sanding - strip auto paint off with a chemical stripper in less than an hour.

How to Strip Paint Off a Car?

Did you always want to strip paint off your car? Here's how you can do it.