When does a human skull close?

Answer Babies are born with two "soft spots," one on the back of the head near the neck and one on the top of the head towards the front. These are openings in the skull covered by skin. The opening in th... Read More »

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How much electricity does it take to kill a human?

Which wire? The one coming from the wall to the "brick" can easily kill someone. The wire from the "brick" to the computer would not. Yes you can use electrical tape in a pinch but you need to tape... Read More »

How much water does it take to fill human lungs?

A typical healthy human adult has a total lung volume of about 4 to 6 liters. Tidal volume, or the maximum amount that can be taken in with a single breath, is about half a liter.Source:Hypertextbo... Read More »

How much water pressure does it take to pop a balloon?

There is no one answer for the amount of pressure required to pop a balloon. The characteristics of balloons vary greatly from materials, thickness and processes applied in manufacturing. Temperat... Read More »

How much sodium does it take to lower blood pressure?

Consuming sodium does not lower blood pressure, but restricting your sodium intake can help lower it. The Centers for Disease Control recommend reducing sodium intake to levels below 1,500 mg per ... Read More »