How much pressure can a human head withstand?

Answer It takes approximately 15 pounds per square inch to crush an adult human head. Your head is about 10 inches from top to bottom and 8 inches from back to front, which gives a cross-sectional area of... Read More »

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How much pressure will a water heater tank withstand?

Typically, water heaters can withstand pressure of up to 150 pounds per square inch (psi). In fact, most domestic water heaters have a safety relief valve that is set to 150 psi which, when the pre... Read More »

How many decibels can the human ear withstand?

The human ear responds to the widest range of stimuli of any of the senses. The threshold of hearing begins at zero decibels; the pain threshold is 130 decibels. As the human body ages, it is able ... Read More »

Why do I feel so much pressure in my head?

Sounds like you have a lot of sinus pressure. When you bend over does the pressure drop to your forehead? I have always had sinus and allergy problems but never was treated for it as a child or i... Read More »

Can Canon glossy photo paper and Pixma iP4000 printer ink withstand the passport requirement mounting pressure of up to 225 degree F?

Passport Photographs should be printed on thin paper and must be capable of withstanding a mounting pressure of up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit Photographs with waxed back or other coating which lesse... Read More »