How much power does my air conditioner use?

Answer A central air conditioning system uses 3500 watts of electricity, a large window air conditioning unit uses 1440 watts, a medium window air conditioning unit uses 900 watts, and a small window air ... Read More »

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What size solar power system is needed to power a four-ton air conditioner?

Depending on system efficiency, a 4-ton air conditioning unit requires approximately 6,000 watts of electricity. Home solar panels come in various sizes, and the number of panels needed depends on ... Read More »

What is a power conditioner?

Power conditioners--also known as line conditioners--are devices used to regulate AC power. Sensitive equipment such as computers and medical and laboratory equipment utilize power conditioners to... Read More »

Is it safe to plug an air conditioner into a power strip?

Since wall-unit air conditioners draw a high amount of current, in most cases it's not a good idea to plug one into a power strip. Check the capacity of the power strip and the power rating of the ... Read More »

Do I need a power filter/conditioner or UPS for my entertainment system?

Your best bet is to run dedicated 15 or better yet 20 amp dedicated lines to your equipment location, enough to power all the equipment you have. Make sure they are pulled from one side of the ele... Read More »