How much power does flat screen TV use when off?

Answer Flat-screen TV's use small amounts of power when they are off, to ensure they can easily be turned back on. For many sets, the amount of power that is used when off is around one watt of electricit... Read More »

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Do flat screen TVs use power when they are turned off?

Unless its power cord is unplugged or its power strip is turned off, a flat screen television runs on a "Standby Mode" and still uses a small amount of power.References:Flat Panel TV: Power Saving ... Read More »

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How much energy does a Samsung flat screen TV consume?

Samsung makes flat screen TVs in a few different sizes and makes. The energy consumption would be different for each depending on their size and make. One example is that a Samsung SyncMaster 151M... Read More »

Does a flat screen emit as much heat as the older TVs?

From one granny to another. You will love your new flat screen tv. They are so cool in all ways. All the big body in the back is gone. No reflection in the glass. We have a Panasonic and it is crys... Read More »