How much power does a vertical axis wind generator create?

Answer The amount of power a vertical access wind generator makes can vary widely, depending upon the specific design of the turbine, including its rated power capacity, and the average wind speed of the ... Read More »

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How to Build a Simple Wind Power Generator?

Building your own wind turbine can seem like a daunting project, when in reality it is a straightforward and simple process. As long as the directions are followed carefully, anyone with wind speed... Read More »

How to make a wind power generator at home?

To make this you will need a few things.the generator, blades battery and inverter.I have made three of them and I use them to power various things outside like lighting, pool pump and tv.The best ... Read More »

Is the x axis vertical?

The x-axis is horizontal and the y-axis is vertical in graphs and charts. The x-axis is also known as the abscissa and the y-axis is also called the ordinate. However, both alternate terms can also... Read More »

What is a vertical axis?

In mathematics, graphs are often used to show the relationships between different sets of data. The set-up of the graph includes a horizontal and a vertical axis; they are used to plot the differen... Read More »