How much power does a laptop use?

Answer On average, laptops use between 15 and 45 watts per hour, compared to the 60 to 250 watts per hour used by desktop computers, according to Computer Powe... Read More »

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When operating a laptop on battery power, how many hours does the typical battery power a laptop?

The average lifespan of a laptop battery is three hours. However, that depends on the laptop itself. There is no one answer. Some laptops last anywhere between 5 and 8 hours, mostly the thin and... Read More »

How much power can be drawn through a USB port on a laptop?

The maximum power that a device should be able to draw through a laptop USB port is 5 volts and 0.5 amps, for a total power output of 2.5 USB connector PinoutResources:... Read More »

How much, roughly, would it be to fix a laptop power jack?

if your talking about the power lead you just buy a new one off ebay. dont buy from the manufacterer as they charge double what you should pay and ebay has the right ones if you just search you mod... Read More »

How much power does a computer power supply draw?

A typical desktop computer power supply draws between 60 watts to 250 watts. By comparison, a laptop computer power supply draws between 15 watts and 45 watts. While on standby mode, a PC power sup... Read More »