How much power does a desktop computer use?

Answer The average desktop computer uses 65 to 250 watts of electricity. The power used varies depending upon how many hours per day the computer is actually on and how many hours it is in sleep or standb... Read More »

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How much power is used with a Gateway desktop computer?

Gateway desktop computers use 80 watts of power. LCD monitors use 25 watts of power. Check the voltage switch on the back of your computer to ensure it is correct. In the U.S., the switch should b... Read More »

How to Run a Desktop Computer in a Car Power Inverter?

A power inverter is a small electrical conversion device that "inverts" a power supply from DC to AC, or the converse. Nearly all automobiles have at least one DC power outlet, but very few have an... Read More »

What is the power consumption for your average desktop computer?

A desktop computer typically uses 60 to 250 watts of electricity while in use. High-end gaming computers may use more. Add 80 watts for a 17-inch CRT monitor and 35 watts for a 17-inch flat panel L... Read More »

How to Change a Power Pack on a Desktop Computer?

When you push the power button on your computer, you expect to see the familiar welcome screen and logon options. But if the power supply goes out on your computer, all you will see when you push t... Read More »