How much power do appliances use?

Answer The standard formula for calculating power used by an appliance is by reading the watts on the appliance and plugging it into the following equation: (watts x number of hours/day) / 1000. This will... Read More »

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How much is it to put Solar power in and can you run appliances off of it?

Hi, I live in Montana, I and many others are off the grid. Some have feed backup and sell excess to the utilities but many are totally spearate.The site you mention is great but represents a whole... Read More »

How many appliances can run from one 220 power source?

Appliances "use" electricity in watts generated by resistance (amperes). Too much resistance stalls the current. Total amperage of appliances on one circuit must be less than that of the regulator ... Read More »

How do I calculate power usage on appliances?

WattageReview the label on your appliance, which is usually located near the plug. It will tell you how much electricity the appliance uses. You should see both the number of amps and watts. Or mul... Read More »

How many appliances will a 3700 watt generator power?

The wattage rating of an appliance represents its power consumption per hour, so how many appliances a 3,700-watt generator can power depends on both the appliances and how they are used. If you ar... Read More »