How much potassium is allowed on the renal diet?

Answer The kidneys regulate the amount of potassium in your body. High levels create a dangerous situation, especially when a renal disorder exists. Consult with a doctor prior to make changes to your die... Read More »

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How to Add More Potassium to Diet?

Potassium is a naturally-occurring nutrient that exists in every cell of your body. It is essential to many important bodily functions such as supporting normal muscle contraction, transmitting ner... Read More »

What is not allowed in a lactose-free diet?

Milk and other dairy products contain a sugar called lactose. People require an enzyme called lactase to break down the lactose so the body can absorb it. Some people lack this enzyme and become l... Read More »

I'm not allowed Diet Pepsi, confused..?

In diet drinks they replace sugar with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that are way worse than sugar. Having sugar in a drink isn't good for you, but it is better than all the artificial ... Read More »

What foods am I allowed to have on Barium enema diet?

The prep for a barium enema is essentially the same as for a colonoscopy. Basic rule, CLEAR LIQUIDS ONLY. I wouldn't recommend any kind of flour product. If the soup is clear broth it's okay. Since... Read More »