How much potassium is allowed on the renal diet?

Answer The kidneys regulate the amount of potassium in your body. High levels create a dangerous situation, especially when a renal disorder exists. Consult with a doctor prior to make changes to your die... Read More »

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How much cakes and biscuits are you allowed in a diet or is it best to stop eating them altogether?

Well done for losing the weight but the hard bit is keeping it off. Don't stop eating all the treats you love because this will lead to binging. Have the odd treat once a week where u have your fav... Read More »

How to Add More Potassium to Diet?

Potassium is a naturally-occurring nutrient that exists in every cell of your body. It is essential to many important bodily functions such as supporting normal muscle contraction, transmitting ner... Read More »

I'm not allowed Diet Pepsi, confused..?

In diet drinks they replace sugar with artificial sweeteners and other chemicals that are way worse than sugar. Having sugar in a drink isn't good for you, but it is better than all the artificial ... Read More »

What is not allowed in a lactose-free diet?

Milk and other dairy products contain a sugar called lactose. People require an enzyme called lactase to break down the lactose so the body can absorb it. Some people lack this enzyme and become l... Read More »