How much water would one have to drink before you overdose Possibly die?

Answer it's called water intoxication and yes your friend is right. But there is more involved that just how much and how quickly... things like kidney function and body weight, activity and metabolic ra... Read More »

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How much would I have to smoke in a day to be called a chain smoker?

A chain smoker is someone who will smoke a cigerette finish it and light another one right after. Or not even finish it just set it in the ash tray and light up another one. Or like you said smokin... Read More »

How much insulin does it take to overdose?

Unfortunately, there is no magic number in which an insulin overdose exists. This is because each individual is given a recommended dosage by their doctor, for their body's individual needs. An ins... Read More »

How much dextromethorphan does it take to overdose?

Dextromethorphan, or more commonly referred to as DXM, can be found in over-the-counter medicines like Vicks 44, Pertussin, Robitussin and others. As with any drug, the amount required to overdose ... Read More »

How much to overdose on tylenol serious answers only?

Ok, well, this is, again, for informational purposes only, but here goes. Whether we're talkin tylenol pm or regular tylenol, the answer will be the same, since you will OD on acetaminophen, not t... Read More »