What two energy sources produce the least air pollution?

Answer Solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear energy all operate free of air pollution. Processes associated with building the power plants do produce a certain amount of air pollution, howev... Read More »

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How many animals are affected by land pollution each year?

Every living thing, from microorganisms to plants and animals, is affected to some degree by land pollution, with the consequences ranging from troublesome to devastating. The physical numbers woul... Read More »

How many cars does the average GM factory produce a day?

Annually, General Motors produces 1,813 automobiles or, approximately five cars every day. This does not include production from joint ventures, such as GMIO. Worldwide, GM produces 8,603 annually,... Read More »

How many tomatoes will the average plant produce?

Tomato yields vary widely depending upon the variety planted and the climate. According to the Mississippi State University agricultural department, yields will range between 10 and 55 lbs. per pla... Read More »

How many watts does an average commercial wind turbine produce?

The wattage production of commercial wind turbines ranges from 250 watts to 5 megawatts. However, specific wattage production depends on the blade diameter and actual wind speed. To maximize powe... Read More »