How much pollution does a car make in one day?

Answer An average car will use about 1.4 gallons of gas and emit about 36 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) per 30 miles driven. Therefore, a person driving 60 miles per day will be putting about 72 pounds o... Read More »

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How to Help Stop Pollution?

On earth, many people use products every day to help them with their daily tasks. Unfortunately humans also hurt the natural environment with the manufacture and waste of these products. Smoke and ... Read More »

How does automobile gas cause air pollution?

The burning of gasoline to power an automobile pumps out exhaust by changing the compounds of the gasoline with a thermal reaction. The burnt remnants of the gas cause smog, include highly toxic ch... Read More »

How Land Pollution Happens?

Land pollution occurs as a result of poor waste management, as trash accumulates over the landscape and as harmful chemicals leach into the soil. There are various causes of land pollution, from li... Read More »

When did car pollution become a problem?

On One Hand: Car ownership rose following WWII.Car ownership tended to rise and fall along with the national economy, but after World War II ended, there was a boom in the automobile market, accord... Read More »