How much percentage of earth do deserts make up?

Answer Deserts account for about 20 percent of the Earth's land surface, according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Most of the world's deserts are between 30 degrees latitude north and 30 degrees l... Read More »

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What percentage of land do deserts cover?

True deserts--areas that receive less than 10 inches of rain per year--cover about 14 percent of the land area on Earth. An additional 15 percent of the planet's land area is classified as having s... Read More »

How much of the Earth is covered by deserts?

According to, the Earth is approximately one fifth (20 percent) desert. This includes hot deserts like the Sahara as well as cold deserts found in Arctic regions. Both types of... Read More »

What percentage of the earth's atmosphere is oxygen?

Oxygen (O2) is the second largest component of the earth's atmosphere, making up 20.95 percent of its composition. Nitrogen (N2) makes up the largest proportion at 78.08 percent, while Argon, Neon... Read More »

What percentage of carbon dioxide makes up the Earth's atmosphere?

The atmosphere consists of .036 percent carbon dioxide. This value changes slightly throughout the year. During the summer months the percent is lowered as the plants die off, and it is raised agai... Read More »