How much per hour do servers/bartenders make in Nevada?

Answer They make state minimum wage but really make the big dough from tips.

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How much does a dialysis tech make in Nevada?

As of November 18, 2009, a dialysis tech in Las Vegas, Nevada earns an average salary of $35,357 per year, according to This pay rate may vary depending on years of experience.Sou... Read More »

How much do dentists make an hour?

According to, dental wages depend on experience. As of March 2010, those with one to four years average $46.58 to $65.91 an hour. Those with five to nine years earn $51.90 to $82.01, w... Read More »

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make Per Hour?

Cosmetologists are in the personal appearance business. They use a variety of skills to help clients look their best. Cosmetologists may cut, color and style hair, give facials and other skin clean... Read More »

How much do UPS drivers make an hour?

UPS drivers are paid between $24 and $31 an hour, according to Glass Door. The average hourly rate is $28, not including benefits or potential bonuses. Drivers at UPS are covered under a union cont... Read More »