How much penicillin is used to cure syphilis?

Answer Penicillin dosages vary according to the stage of syphilis diagnosed. Individuals in the primary stages will receive one injection, while the secondary stage requires two injections. If the syphili... Read More »

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Who invented the cure for syphilis?

Paul Ehrlich of East Prussia (now Poland) discovered the first cure for syphilis in 1909 in Germany. Ehrlich, with colleague Sahachiro Hata, were trying to find a chemotherapy cure for sleeping sic... Read More »

Will penicillin cure bird flu?

No, penicillin is not intended to treat avian flu. Bird flu is caused by the H5N1 flu virus; penicillin is an antibiotic designed to kill bacteria, not viruses, and will not have any effect against... Read More »

Can penicillin cure bronchitis?

No, it don't go away naturally. Maybe you can try some home remedies.

Can syphilis itch?

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can usually be treated with antibiotics. Without treatment, syphilis can damage major parts of the body. Syphilis is usually characterized by a rash ... Read More »