How much paperwork is involved for a birth mother in an adoption?

Answer A birth mother has relatively few documents to prepare for the adoption of her child as compared to the adoptive parents. A birth mother must sign a relinquishment form and provide detailed account... Read More »

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How much education do the teen mother get after giving birth?

It depends where they live and what provision there is for them in their local area. Generally, they get a lot less after having a baby because they look after their baby instead (not that looking ... Read More »

How long after a mother chihuahua gives birth can the mother have a bath?

honestly the idea scares me of giving the mother chiuahua a bath after giving birth. I am not aware of who is asking this question or how often you bathe your dog, but i would wait at least a month... Read More »

Why do some people frown on a birth mother still consitering herself the child's mother?

umm no you're not her mother, sweetie you gave her up. /just because you gave birth to her, doesn't make you her mom except biologically.

How does a birth mother approach her birth son when hes 18 if he never knew he was adopted?

Some wonderful advice from some very smart adoptees here. (LaurieDB, BOTZ, HeatherB)Ignore those that say to contact his adopters.They have shown, through the illegal adoption process they took, th... Read More »