How much paper is needed to make a pack of cigarettes?

Answer In an average pack of Rizla cigarette papers, which is a British brand of rolling papers, the measurements are 70 mm x 35 mm, which totals out to 2450 mm per rolling

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What do you call a pack of 25 cigarettes and is marlboro and marlboro red cigarettes the same thing?

King size is the length. 25 cigarettes is just a promotional bonus pack not a normal one. If someone only says "marlboro" they usually mean the reds, it's generally assumed until recent years whe... Read More »

How to Make an Ice Pack Using a Paper Towel?

How to make an ice pack with everyday household supplies.

How to Open a Pack of Cigarettes?

This will tell you how to open a pack of cigarettes. It's really easy.

How much nicotine is in a pack of cigarettes?

Each cigarette contains about 9 mg nicotine, although only about 1 mg of that nicotine actually reaches the smoker's body while the rest burns away. That makes about 180 mg nicotine in each pack of... Read More »