How much paper did the U.S. recycle in 2003?

Answer In 2003, the United States recycled 49.3 million tons of paper. This is nearly a 70 percent increase in paper recycling from 1990. Schools, government agencies, corporations, municipal and state re... Read More »

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Why do we need to recycle paper?

Simply put, recycling paper saves trees. Paper comes from trees, so the more paper we use, the more trees have to be chopped down to produce more paper. Cutting down trees to use paper is a vicious... Read More »

How to Recycle Paper?

Recycling can save the environment. It helps companies save money so they can save you money. So stop complaining about the extra work and read this article to learn that it is not that hard to rec... Read More »

Can you recycle used paper?

It is possible to recycle used paper. In the United States, 57.4 percent of all paper consumed is recovered. Companies use recycled paper to make newspaper, grocery sacks and cereal boxes.Reference... Read More »

10 Ways to Recycle Paper?

Get a little greener with your recycled paper. Sure it's easy to just throw it away, but recycled paper can be re-purposed in dozens of ways. Paper may grow on trees, but it can take as much as 40 ... Read More »