How much pain is involved with dying from esophagus cancer?

Answer Cancer of the esophagus, also called esophageal cancer, affects the tube that carries food from the throat to the stomach. It can be painful both in its symptoms and in the treatments usually offer... Read More »

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How do you deal with the heartache and pain that truly hurts with your mom dying from cancer?

Having just lost my husband to cancer December 7th and my dad last Dec. and my mom the Jan. before, I can understand what you are going through.There is no easy answer to dealing with the heartache... Read More »

Hi, i have esophagus cancer, i'm male 27 years old, type adenocarcinoma and at stage 1?

Esophageal adenocarcinoma isn't a common disease to start with, and it's typically a disease of people in or beyond the 5th decade of life, so for you to have this at age 27 is a RARE occurence ind... Read More »

My friends mum is dying from cancer and her dad also has cancer how can i help her.?

Believe me - listening is the best help you can give - even if your friend's repeating the same things. Just be there when she needs to talk even if you feel there's not much you can say in return.

Possible to cure esophagus cancer that has spread to liver by receiving a liver transplant?

If you have esophageal cancer that has spread to the liver, you have a lot more to worry about than just the liver transplant. If you don't treat the main cancer, it will just pop up somewhere els... Read More »