How much pain can you take.. Whatever causes it. from -0 to +10?

Answer have to say ten. had a baby and im so clumsy so i have to have a high tolerance. lol

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What Are the Causes of Knee Pain from an Intramedullary Nail?

Efficient intramedullar nailing involves cutting the patellar (kneecap) tendon and its protective sheath down the middle. This dissection of the kneecap is deemed by surgeons to be the primary caus... Read More »

How come the pain pills....Vicodin....that I take for my leg pain doesn't take away a headache?

it could be the pills causing the headache to begin with, stop taking it and see if it goes away.

How much hydrocodone do I take for my pain?

You ever see "Gateway to Heroin" on CNBC?

Why do I itch so much when I take pain killers?

You are probably allergic to them. Try a different type. My sister is allergic to any with aspirin in it. Some people are allergic to the ibuprofen. Take something different and see your doctor.