How much oxygen do trees make?

Answer On average, a healthy mature tree can give off almost 260 pounds of oxygen in 1 year. That is enough to provide for two people.Source:trees giving oxygen

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How much oxygen does grass make?

A 16.15 foot square patch of grass is able to create enough oxygen to support one person continuously. According to NASA, one person consumes 0.84 kg of oxygen each day. This means that one square ... Read More »

How much O2 do trees make in an acre?

Oxygen production by trees varies with tree size, tree health, density (trees per acre), growth rate, diameter distributions (size variations) and local conditions. Larger, older trees produce more... Read More »

Is it really not safe to sleep beside plants or trees because they steal oxygen?

What hogwash..! But I'm obliged to give the complete answer, so here goes. Plants , through respiration, does exhale small amounts of oxygen, but by day this is overshadowed by the concurrent proce... Read More »

How much oxygen is on Mars?

There is no oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars. The atmosphere consists mostly of carbon dioxide, with small amounts of nitrogen and argon. There is a significant amount of oxidized minerals in the r... Read More »