How much older can a guy be than a girl for relationships?

Answer I didn't know there was a limit, but I think between 10 and 15 years is good.

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Do Relationships between older woman and a younger males work?

In most cases, no it doesn't. Woman mature way fast than men. So ultimately unless you are just looking for fun, don't expect it to go anywhere. My experience has been that I need someone older tha... Read More »

As I get older will it be hard to maintain relationships with my brothers and sisters as good as they were when we were all little?

Truthfully, your relationship is going to get better, because your not constently with them.

How to Get a Girl to Like You when She Has No Interest in Relationships?

To get a girl to like you when she has no interest in relationships is a sticky problem. The gist of it is, girls who say that they "aren't ready for a relationship" are usually girls who just don'... Read More »

How to Get a Girl Who Has No Interest in Relationships?

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