How much older can a guy be than a girl for relationships?

Answer I didn't know there was a limit, but I think between 10 and 15 years is good.

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Is it right to marry a girl older than a boy in Islam?

On One Hand: The Prophet Had an Older WifeAt 25 years old, Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, married a widow who was 15 years his senior. Islamic law does not prohibit its followers from participating... Read More »

Does it matter if the girl I like is a year older than me i am 18 she is 19.?

it doesn't matter 'as long as u love her'... why?? coz.. there r no rulez in LOVE...

Do you think Beyoncé is actually much older than 32?

she's hot, but yeah, she looks older than her 32 years

Do Relationships between older woman and a younger males work?

In most cases, no it doesn't. Woman mature way fast than men. So ultimately unless you are just looking for fun, don't expect it to go anywhere. My experience has been that I need someone older tha... Read More »