How much oil should I use in my chocolate fountain?

Answer For every 5 lbs. of chocolate you will need a 1/2 cup of vegetable oil. If the chocolate fountain is not metal based a few drops of oil may need to be added while in use to keep the oil from clogg... Read More »

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What kind of chocolate is used in a Sephra chocolate fountain?

Sephra claims to have three different types of chocolate available for use with its chocolate fountains. The highest quality option is Belgian chocolate, which is imported from Europe. The premium ... Read More »

How much chocolate is needed for a chocolate fountain?

A standard chocolate fountain needs anywhere from five to 10 lbs of melted chocolate to run smoothly. However, a chocolate fountain holds up to 20 lbs of chocolate because it has a bowl-like recept... Read More »

What kind of chocolate is used in a chocolate fountain?

According to the Chocolate Cioccolata website, chocolate used in chocolate fountains needs to contain a lot of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter makes the chocolate flow over the tiers better. Chocolatier... Read More »

Can you use regular chocolate in a chocolate fountain?

Yes, regular chocolate can be used in a chocolate fountain. The chocolate must be melted first, and you may have to add a little bit of oil to ensure a smooth, even consistency as it flows through ... Read More »