How much oil is used to make plastic bags?

Answer Every year about 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used all over the world for thousands of purposes. About 12 million barrels of oil are used in the making of those bags.Source:AlterNet:... Read More »

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What kind of plastic is used to make food storage bags?

According to Cook's Illustrated, most food storage bags available at your local supermarket are made from 100 percent polyethylene. Freezer bags are slightly thicker than sandwich bags by five micr... Read More »

How many plastic bags are used each year?

Approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used each year, according to AlterNet, though the number manufactured far exceeds that figure. According to Worldwatch Institute, 4 to 5 trillion plastic ... Read More »

How to Make a Purse out of Plastic Bags?

If you have what seems like a million plastic grocery bags at home, don't throw them out. Instead, think about transforming them into a useful little purse. They're a great conversation starter.

How many plastic bags will be saved by using reusable bags at the supermarkets?

Humans use more than 500 billion plastic bags a year, according to ReusableBags . That translates to about 1 million plastic bags a minute. In Ireland, a plastic bag tax was enacted in 2002. Prior ... Read More »