How much oil is needed for an oil change?

Answer The exact amount of oil needed during an oil change depends on the actual size of your engine. A normal oil change for a passenger car will require up to 5 quarts of new oil.Source:Jiffy LubeOil Ca... Read More »

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What is needed to change your name after marriage?

The marriage certificate signed by the member of the clergy or judge that performed the ceremony serves as a recognized legal document that the marriage has occurred. Show the marriage certificate,... Read More »

How Often is a Brake Change Needed?

A functioning brake system is an important part of vehicle safety. While there is no set time frame for brake replacement, as various factors go into the life of brake pads, there are signs to look... Read More »

Tools Needed for an Oil Change?

For most vehicle models, replacing the engine oil requires minimal tools, which you may find at your local auto parts store. These are common tools, but they may be the most important tools you own... Read More »

Tools Needed to Change a Car Battery?

If your car battery will not hold a charge despite repeated use of jumper cables, a new battery may be needed. Failure to start or a reading below 12.4 on a voltmeter is a good indication that repl... Read More »