OMG! An athiest sneezed on me. What do I do?

Answer Silly Hippy, the atheist was greeting you. Lick the atheist on the cheek, then go virgin hunting with the atheist (it's an excellent way to cultivate your own babbys).

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Approximately how much of Switzerland's population is of Kosovar-Albanian origin?

In the year 2000 it was 5.6 percent(83'300) of the 20.5 percent migrates in switzerland, are former yugoslavians. Couldn't find Kosovar-Albanian. But i'm I think most of them are Albanian-Kosovars,... Read More »

Switzerland's population mix?

As per 2009:Resident permanent population at year-end: 7'785'800Women 50.8 %Men 49.2 %Age groups0-19 years: 21.0 %20-39 years: 26.6 %40-64 years: 35.5 %65+ years: 16.8 %Foreigners: 22.0 %Population... Read More »

Population of Switzerland?

Switzerland's population= 7,866,500German is spoken by 60% of the population, followed by french(20 %) and italian (7%)-And you´ll be able to enter Switzerland as long as you have a visa from any ... Read More »

Population of Morocco?

2004 census was 29 680 069 2009 estimate was 31 993 000hope that helps!