How much of the light spectrum is visible?

Answer The electromagnet spectrum contains gamma rays with wavelengths of about 10 to the power of -11 centimeters long to radio waves about 1,000 centimeters long. The visible light spectrum makes up a s... Read More »

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What Is the Spectrum of Visible Light?

Visible light is the composition of light that we detect with our eyes. Even though this light is a kind of wave, it manifests itself to us as colors. This makes it easy to visualize, but the prope... Read More »

How many colors are in the spectrum of visible light?

Visible light is the range of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between roughly 390 and 750 nanometers. The number of colors in visible light depends on how narrowly you define each col... Read More »

What Are the Properties of the Visible Light Spectrum?

The electromagnetic spectrum is composed of wavelengths of light between 10^-16 to 10^8 meters. The majority of this electromagnetic spectrum is invisible to the human eye. Visible light makes up... Read More »

What color of the visible light spectrum has the most energy per photon?

Blue/purple colors have the most energy per photon. Higher photon energy corresponds with shorter light wavelength. Violet light has the shortest wavelengths humans can see. Deep-red light has the ... Read More »