How much of the Earth is covered by deserts?

Answer According to, the Earth is approximately one fifth (20 percent) desert. This includes hot deserts like the Sahara as well as cold deserts found in Arctic regions. Both types of... Read More »

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How much percentage of earth do deserts make up?

Deserts account for about 20 percent of the Earth's land surface, according to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Most of the world's deserts are between 30 degrees latitude north and 30 degrees l... Read More »

How to Build Earth Covered Homes?

The garden-roofed monolithic adobe is the most effective way to build a home surrounded by earth. These homes are energy efficient, very low cost to build and can bring a family together because it... Read More »

How much rain falls in deserts?

Las Vegas, Nevada is the home of more than 35 weddings chapels, one major university, and close to 1,000 taxicabs. But the one thing most commonly associated with this town is the Las Vegas strip.... Read More »

How much rain do deserts receive per year?

Deserts such as the Mojave Desert in the Southwest United States usually receive 0 to 4 inches of rain per year. Dangerous mudslides often occur after only a few centimeters of rain during the “r... Read More »