How much of my income can I spend on car payments?

Answer Buying a car is the second largest purchase one can make, next to a home. Many personal preferences, and the needs of your lifestyle, factor into the actual selection of the vehicle. However, with ... Read More »

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How much should you spend on a car in relation to your income?

Financial observers recommend spending only 10 to 20 percent of your income on car payments, insurance, maintenance and fuel. Purchasing a reliable used vehicle can help to keep car budgeting costs... Read More »

How Much of My Income Should I Spend on My Mortgage Payment?

Colorado estate laws set out the procedures and rules used to distribute the estate of a person after the person's death. Colorado estate laws include those dealing with the distribution of propert... Read More »

Do you pay income tax on VA disability payments?

VA disability income is paid by the federal government and is not subject to state of federal income tax. It is paid monthly and the amount is determined based on the severity of the disability as ... Read More »

Do SSI payments count as income when you file?

You do have to report your Social Security Income (SSI) benefits when filing your taxes. However, unless your total income is above a certain amount---the exact amount depends on your filing status... Read More »