How much of a survival chance does a baby of 34 weeks have?

Answer According to resent statistics, A baby of either sex at 34 weeks gestation has about an 85 - 90 % chance of survival.

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Chance of survival at 30 weeks?

am 40 and my baby girl was 24moth old she 5week today and she good!

How much chance of survival, if the throat is slit-open with a knife?

Little chance of survival i would have thought although this will depend on where on the throat was cut and how deep the blade of the knife went.While awaiting help,firm pressure needs to be applie... Read More »

How much higher do mothers between the ages of 30 and 35 have an increased chance of having a left-handed baby -?

a better question to ask would be, "what are the odds of a giving birth to a naturally left-handed child at any age?" figure out what causes something, then work on probability

How much is the baby have to move at 27 weeks?

In the sense that there is a real actor named Rowan Atkinson portraying the character in a series of fictional television programs (and a movie or two)... yes.