How much of a pinapple counts as your five a day?

Answer HiAbout 1/2 a cup don't take too much try to vary it as pineapple is high in sugar try strawberries and other fruit and veggies as there good for you too.don't take too much fruit as fruit can give... Read More »

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How much jail time will someone get for 2 counts of second degree aggravated assault and 2 counts of DWI?

Answer That depends on the jurisdiction. Different States, cities and communities have their own rules and regulations. That said... The most important factor is your criminal record. The second ... Read More »

Is it better to melt the brown sugar and butter as base for upsidedown pinapple cake or not?

Yes, Melt the brown sugar an butter, those are the instructions for the recipe topping for that cake, because the liquid it becomes seeps back into the cake as it bakes and it makes that wonderful ... Read More »

What Counts As a Tax Deduction?

When filing your taxes, you must make many decisions. One of these decisions is choosing to take the standard deduction or to itemize your deductions. You must ask yourself, "Do my itemized deducti... Read More »

What counts as acceptance?

Ok, Phil you're a philosopher, who was it that said "An unexamined life is not worth living." (was it Socrates....not sure I'm rusty on my philosophers)Anyway, for me acceptance comes through ask... Read More »