How much of a chance is it to get pregnant the day of your period?

Answer It can happen and has happened to many unsuspecting people

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If you are trying to conceive is there a chance you are pregnant if your period was irregular last month and this month and your period is always normal?

Answer It is possible, but probably not very likely. If you are in doubt, you should really take a HPT.

How high is the chance of getting pregnant while on your period?

On One Hand: Each Woman's Cycle Is DifferentA woman becomes pregnant when a sperm collides with an egg. Sperm can live in a woman's cervical mucus for up to five days. If a woman has a short cycle ... Read More »

If you have sex a few days before your period and the condom breaks can you have the chance of being pregnant even if you get your period the few days later?

Answer yes, there is a possibility, because you ovulate which means that you are about to menstrate, and you could possible fertilize the egg before you menstrate.

Is there a chance you are pregnant if you missed one month of your period but don't have any other symptoms?