How much notice must a landlord give in a California eviction?

Answer In California a landlord must give 30- or 60-day notice to end a tenancy, depending on the circumstances and the status of the rental agreement. A landlord can issue a three-day eviction notice if ... Read More »

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How much notice does a landlord need to give a tenant in New Jersey before eviction?

According to New Jersey law, you can only be evicted after being taken to court. The amount of notice varies depending on the circumstances. For instance, you can be taken to court for eviction wit... Read More »

How to File an Eviction Notice Through the Courts in California?

You never want to have to deal with a problem tenant, but sometimes it's impossible to avoid. California law gives a landlord the ability to legally evict a tenant by following a precise eviction p... Read More »

How to Give Written Notice for Eviction?

Landlords are sometimes faced with the unpleasant task of asking a tenant to leave the premises. Eviction is a legal right for landlords when a tenant has violated the terms of the lease or has fai... Read More »

Do they give a three-day eviction notice for a foreclosure in Florida?

A federal law enacted in May 2009 says that tenants of houses in foreclosure cannot be evicted in three days (the length of eviction notice in non-foreclosures in Florida). Across the nation, any t... Read More »