How much net free area is there in an aluminum ridge vent?

Answer The net free area for aluminum ridge vents vary between 9 square inches per foot to 18 square inches per foot depending on the area where the ridge vent is being used. There are tools available onl... Read More »

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What is a ridge vent?

A well-ventilated attic extends the life of your roof and boosts energy efficiency in your home--but vents sticking up from the roof surface can be ugly. A ridge vent offers ventilation in disguise... Read More »

Installing a Ridge Vent?

Ridge vents extent the life of a shingled roof by cooling the roof deck. Vents in the soffits or ends of the roof allow cool air to enter while the heated air moves out of the top of the roof. Ridg... Read More »

How do I Install a Gaf Ridge Vent?

A GAF ridge vent is a roof vent made by General Analine and Film. A ridge vent provides attic ventilation through the roof to lower attic temperatures and reduce overall cooling costs in the home. ... Read More »

What is a ridge vent on a roof?

A roof can have an assortment of vents and exhaust pipes, for a variety of reasons. A ridge vent is found at the peak of the roof and is installed with the purpose of allowing hot air to escape thr... Read More »