How much muzzleloader powder is used for Maxi-Balls?

Answer The muzzleloader powder that can be used for Maxi-Balls is 80-120 grains. The 80 represents the caliber and the 120 signifies the grains of black powder utilized. The caliber and black powder are a... Read More »

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How much powder do you use in a muzzleloader?

If you don't have the manufacturer's manual for your muzzleloader, a good rule to follow is to use the same number of grains of black powder as the caliber of your gun. For example, a 50 caliber mu... Read More »

How much pyrodex powder can a Hawkins muzzleloader shoot?

The Hawkins muzzleloader can contain a variable amount of pyrodex powder (pyrodex is medium-strength powder). Depending on the distance and the animal, anywhere between 100 to 300 grains can be lo... Read More »

How much are used Titleist golf balls?

Titleist golf balls are widely considered to be the top balls in the game, and the company offers an array of balls for play. Their high performance Pro V1 balls are $45.95 a dozen. Their middle-ti... Read More »

How Much Should Used Golf Balls Be Sold For?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) sets standards for workplace safety, including ladder and stairway-climbing safety. By creating these safety standards, OSHA ensures climbin... Read More »