How much music would a 2 gig jump drive hold?

Answer Two gigabytes (2GB) of flash drive storage space can hold approximately 500 songs. However, the length and quality of a sound file affects its size; if your music library includes many long or high... Read More »

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How much can a 1gb jump drive hold?

A 1 GB jump drive or USB drive holds approximately one gigabyte (one thousand megabytes) of data. According to CNET, that is equivalent to about 240 average MP3s or 15,000 photos.Source:CNET: iPod ... Read More »

How much music will a 2GB flash drive hold?

A 2GB flash drive can hold anywhere from 440 to 800 songs, depending on the length of the songs and the size of the music files.Source:How Much Music Does 1GB Hold?

How much music would a 16GB iPhone hold as well as contacts etc is it worth buying one?

A 16GB iPhone means it has 16 gigabytes of memory. It depends how much music you have as to how much room you need. I have an 8 GB and I had to delete a bunch of apps on my phone because my music l... Read More »

How many pictures does a 256 MB jump drive hold?

A 256 MB jump drive can hold approximately 134 eight-megapixel pictures in the JPEG format at full quality, or 21 eight-megapixel pictures in the RAW12 format. The number of pictures can be increas... Read More »