How much music can an SD card hold?

Answer How much music an SD card holds depends on the size of the card. A 2GB SD card stores approximately 34 hours of music; a 4GB card, 68 hours; an 8GB card, 136 hours; a 16GB card, 273 hours; and a 32... Read More »

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How much music can a psp hold?

There are two Playstation Portable models available for purchase, the PSPgo and the PSP-3000, both of which hold 64 mb of memory space. The average MP3 music file is 3 to 6 mb. Therefore the PSP ... Read More »

How much music can 512 MB hold?

The size of a digital music file depends on how and at what bit rate--the number of binary digits, or “bits,” per second--it is encoded. MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, commonly known as “MP3,” is th... Read More »

How much music can 1GB hold on a PSP?

A 1GB memory device can hold approximately 800 minutes, or roughly 20 CDs of music on a Playstation (PSP) Console. The total music held will vary by song length and file size of each selection.Sou... Read More »

How much music does 1gb hold?

A single GB of space can hold approximately 250 songs in a compressed MP3 format, or 25 songs in a full quality WAV format. This number will vary depending on the length and sound quality of your s... Read More »