How much music can a 32 mb memory stick hold?

Answer According to, the 32MB memory stick holds roughly 1 hour of music. The average song is around 3.5 minutes long, which calculates to approximately 17 songs.Source:Memory Stick

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How much music can an 8GB memory stick hold?

The number of songs a flash drive can hold depends on the length and encoding of each song. An 8-GB memory stick will hold 2,000 songs, assuming each song is four minutes long and is encoded with A... Read More »

How much can a 256 MB memory stick duo hold?

A 256 MB memory stick duo can hold around 80 high-quality pictures and up to 284 low-quality pictures.Source:How many pictures will your flash card hold?

How much can a memory stick hold?

The Sony Memory Stick XC is a removable flash memory card with theoretical upper memory limit of 2 Terabytes. The largest capacity memory stick currently available is the Memory Stick Pro, offering... Read More »

How much does a 1 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo hold?

A 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo holds one gigabyte of information. One gigabyte is about 250 songs in MP3 format, 200 pictures taken at high resolution, or 3,000 Microsoft Word or Excel files.References... Read More »