How much much is a think it over baby?

Answer It depends where you buy it from! If you are EXTREMELY lucky, you can get them on Ebay and kijiji still working, but if you want the "real deal" you have to buy a Real Care Baby. It's as easy as 1-... Read More »

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How much should adult braces cost NYU Dental School just quoted me $4000 and I think that's a bit much.?

I teach at a University orthodontic clinic - the fee you were quoted is almost the same as what we charge. You will find significant variation based on the type and length of treatment, as well as... Read More »

How much time do you spend on the computer / do u think its to much?

about 2-3 hours. yea its too much and im addicted to myspace but i spend an hour at school and i dont watch tv

Can you get a baby think it over wet?

no you cant they have a speaker in there chestimsittingin class at the momentwith mine hahahah

How do you burp baby think it over?

Yes, and you must. If it seems to not settle down, it probably has "air" in it's stomach. (it thinks it does) so you carefully put the baby over your shoulder and pat it's back firmly, but not to r... Read More »