How much more per hour does an rn make than an lpn in kentucky?

Answer As of June 2010, registered nurses, or RNs, earned an average of $10.66 more per hour than licensed practical nurses, LPNs, in the state of Kentucky, according to the Kentucky Office of Employment ... Read More »

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In Kentucky can your parent make you give your baby up for adoption or make you have an abortion when your 14?

They can not. When it comes to pregnancy and adoption the minor have the same rights as an adult. Also, if you say no, the doctor will not do anything. Forcing you is illegal and in some states coe... Read More »

Anybody know if using 5-hour energy once for three days in a row detrimental to long term health Is 5-hour en?

Caffeine has become my drug of choice since I quit all the others. I've only tried 5-Hour Energy a couple of time, and it didn't seem very strong to me. The ad on TV indicates it contains 200mg c... Read More »

Im really hungry, and dinner is like an hour away. My mom wont let me eat but i cant wait an hour!! Wsid!?

Drink something. Milk will fill you up or have some sweet tea or something with sugar in it. If all else fails, drink some water.

How Much Does a Social Worker Around Kentucky Make?

Social workers around Kentucky help people during trying times in their lives. At the time of publication, the average annual salary of a social worker in the state of Kentucky is $57,000, three p... Read More »