How much more is the 3GS than the regular iphone?

Answer That is really only a matter of opinion and can vary according to the individual.

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How much more is the iPhone 3gs than the regular iPhone?

Depends on how much the regular phone cost. 3GS with a new plan at AT&T is only $100 4G with a new plan is only $200 With out the plan and going off eBay prices you can see yourself paying anywh... Read More »

How much more does colored contacts cost than regular ones?

Firstly you'd have to have a new fitting as accuvue don't do coloured lenses so you'd need a new brand. It depends on your perscription what that would cost. Typcially coloured lenses can't be worn... Read More »

How much more desirable is a bald kitty than a regular trimmed kitty?

69 because no one wants to go down on a tumbleweed.c00lPS I sure hope HerHuggy's partner likes a mouth full of p*** flavoured hair.

Does regular popcorn pop more than buttered?

Stovetop popcorn is popped before butter is added, so it is unaffected by the addition of the flavoring. However, plain microwave popcorn pops a higher percentage of kernels than popcorn with butte... Read More »