How much more calories do you consume while standing?

Answer standing up or sitting down wont change the amount of calories in the food you consume neither will it alter how they are burned if you are stationary.

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How much should you consume in calories per day?

Nearly every type of food that you consume contains calories, and these calories are what your body utilizes as fuel to accomplish everything from maintaining a heartbeat while you sleep to running... Read More »

Does wearing sweats help you burn more fat&calories while running?

Jogging is wonderful exercise, which burns approximately 110 calories per mile. Wearing sweats when you jog will help you lose water weight, but it will not help you burn fat or calories.Source:Bra... Read More »

How many calories a day do you consume?

around 500, depending on my activities for the day maybe one hundred more or less

If a cookie contains 110 calories and you cut it in half do you consume HALF the calories?

What? Yes it would be about half. Otherwise...if what you said applies, you could eat one, or a whole box and it would be the same.