How much money will the irs take if they garnish wages?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service has several methods used to enforce the payment of back taxes. The method of last resort is an IRS levy. A levy allows the IRS to seize a taxpayer's assets, which coul... Read More »

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If Overpaid for Unemployment in New York, Can They Garnish My Wages?

Being unemployed is a stressful experience, though being eligible for unemployment compensation certainly does help the situation. If you collect unemployment in New York, ensure that you keep trac... Read More »

Can they garnish your wages if you don't pay a payday loan?

Your wages can be garnished if you don't pay a payday loan. However, in order for a payday loan lender to garnish your wages, the company must first sue you, win the lawsuit and receive a monetary ... Read More »

If I Have a Judgment Against Me in New Jersey Can They Garnish My Wages in Pennsylvania?

Judgments issued in one state may only be collectible in other states under certain conditions. Foreign judgments are judgments awarded in a federal court or in a state other than the one where the... Read More »

How much can a credit card company garnish in wages?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Title III protects employees from having more than 25 percent of their disposable weekly income garnished. To garnish wages, a credit card company must ha... Read More »