How much money should be spent on a car?

Answer Buying a car is a major decision, and you need to plan carefully before making a final decision. One of the most critical parts of the process is deciding how much car you can really afford. There ... Read More »

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Excuses For What I Spent My Money On?

Its best to just come clean. Lying will only make it worse.

How much money has the U.S. spent in Iraq?

According to the National Priorities Project, which tracks the cost of the Iraq war, through June 2010, the United States had spent approximately $727 billion since 2001. The U.S. also has spent $2... Read More »

How much money has been spent on cloning?

No financial breakdown is available for spending on cloning specifically, as it is one part of the large biotechnology industry. The most recent data from the Biotechnology Industry Organization s... Read More »

How is the money from income tax spent?

the money is spent on things like the health service and schools and stuff like that