How much money is saved by switching to low flow toilets?

Answer On One Hand: Low-Flow Toilets Save Money and WaterSwitching to high-efficiency toilets cuts an average household's total amount of flushed water in half, the Environmental Protection Agency reports... Read More »

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Information on Low-Flow Toilets?

Today's toilets use less water than ever to expel solid waste---and that's not just by design; it's the law. But the push for more environmentally and pocketbook-friendly systems over the years som... Read More »

How much money can you save by switching to CFL lightbulbs?

Compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, use 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs and last ten times longer. For each traditional bulb you replace with a CFL, you'll save up to $30 over the li... Read More »

How much money is saved on utilities with an LED TV?

LED televisions generally use less energy than LCD televisions of equal size. One 47-inch LED television is rated at 90 watts, while a 47-inch LCD television by the same manufacturer is rated at 1... Read More »

How much money will be saved using a 1.8 kw wind turbine?

The residential wind generator can reduce or eliminate the monthly electrical bill. Typically, it can lower a house's monthly bill between 30 and 80 percent, depending on where you live and factors... Read More »