How much money is needed to sell a house?

Answer Costs of selling a home vary greatly. If you plan to sell it on your own, you need to factor in advertising and closing costs. If you hire a real estate agent, the agent will charge you a percentag... Read More »

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Your mother in law sold her house and used the money as a downpayment for your new home in your and your husbands name if you sell the house do you owe her back her money?

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Paperwork and Contracts Needed to Sell My Own House?

Trying to sell a home without proper contracts and paperwork can prevent a sale. Homes sold without a realtor require just as much paperwork as homes sold using a realtor. Without a realtor, seller... Read More »

Should I Offer a Money Incentive to Sell My House?

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How much cash is needed to buy a house?

Mortgage loan lenders encourage buyers to make a down payment of at least 20 percent on a home, but will lend money for even as small as a 3 percent down payment. You should aim to purchase a home ... Read More »