How much money is necessary to retire in Spain?

Answer According to Retirement Spain and as of April 2010, a couple can live for about 1,200 euros ($1,589) a month with no rental or mortgage to 2,000 euros ($2,649) a month for a comfortable retirement.... Read More »

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How much money do i need to retire at 40?

On One Hand: Follow the 4 Percent RuleThe 4 percent rule states that you should be able to withdraw 4 percent of your invested principle each year to live off, so if you can live off $40,000 you wo... Read More »

How much money will I need to retire at 55?

How much money you need to retire depends on the lifestyle you want to live and if you have already paid off any mortgages and remain relatively healthy. However, to have the median income of $38,0... Read More »

If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?

Yes or start a small cottage industry type business to keep myself busy.

How much money do i need to retire early?

On One Hand: Invest 20 Percent of Annual IncomeExperts say saving and investing properly, living frugally and doing without traditional status symbols can pave the path to a financially secure reti... Read More »